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With over 300 days of sunshine in the Algarve, you can be generating free, renewable and green energy for over 10 months of the year.

Algarve solar off grid offer a full solar PV design and installation service. Our services can cover new build projects or retrofit to your existing home. We have a team of engineers with over 5 years experience that can transform your homes power to a free, clean and smart energy – all generated by the sun.

Now is the opportune moment to join the many responsible home owners here in the Algarve. Together we are helping to combat climate change by investing in present and future green energy systems. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), NASA and the world’s leading scientists have warned us that if we continue to burn fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil we risk a man-made disaster of global scale.

Thanks to advances in solar panel and battery technology, solar is now a mass produced product allowing a competitive price within Europe and Portugal.  There are increasing concerns that energy prices and international sanctions will limit the amount of energy provided to a household.  Investing in an off-grid solar and battery system has never be at an opportune moment. Contact Algarve off grid to discuss how we can help.


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A Greener Future with Algarve Off Grid

Solar energy does not emit any contaminants or toxic substances into the air we breathe. Air contaminants can trigger cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases like asthma. Solar does not generate any waste product which can contaminate water. This is a very important factor considering the limited amount of fresh water.

Humanity is ready to transition to a low-carbon economy. Especially when you consider the sun provides the earth with enough energy, light and heat to fulfil the entire global needs for 12months. A scientific publication estimates the earths surface receives 120,000TW (Terawatts) of solar irradiation. This equates to 20,000 times more power than what humans in the planet require. We are conscious of the limited fossil fuels and their effects on us and the environment, contributing to the global warming epidemic.

Renewable Energy

According to figures released by energy associations, between January and December 2022 around 44,000 GWh of electricity was generated in continental Portugal. Only 56.9% of this energy was generated via renewable energy sources

From 2005 there has been a gradual increase in renewable power. Furthermore, the reliance on fossil fuel has decreased since 2011. Especially now both coal-fired power stations in Sines and Pego have been decommissioned in 2021.

Portugal has the very fortunate ability to generate vast amounts of energy because of the geographic location. As well as the potential of exploration due to the high levels of energy production in daylight hours. In order to promote and attract investment into the renewable energy sector, Portugal has created a regulatory renumeration framework based on feed-in-tarrifs (FIT).

Despite the impact of renewable energy sources here in Portugal, the electricity prices within the Iberian market recorded an all-time high in 2021. This is a consequence of rising gas prices and the upward trend in the price of emission permits in the European Union.

What is Off Grid Connected / Standalone System

Photovoltaic PV based systems are generally classified according to their functional and operational requirements. The two principle classifications are grid-connected and stand-alone systems

Off Grid or stand-alone PV systems are designed to operate independently of the electricity grid, and are generally designed and sized to supply AC electrical loads. Stand-alone systems may be powered by a PV array only, or a wind turbine, an engine-generator or utility power as a backup power source in what is called a PV-hybrid system.

The off grid system can also have a battery backup power source. This is generally for use in the night or when the solar energy isn’t enough to power the AC loads. With the advances in modern battery technology, the lithium battery backup systems can be scaleable to suit your energy requirements.

What is Grid Connected

Grid connected PV systems are designed to operate in parallel with and are interconnected with the domestic electricity grid. The primary component is the inverter. The inverter converts the DC power produced by the PV array into AC power consistent with the voltage and power quality required by the grid. The inverter automatically stops supplying power to the grid when the grid is not energised. If you have any questions about solar algarve feel free to get in touch with the Algarve off grid team.

Our Recent Solar Projects

Monchique 5kW

algarve off grid under solar panel monchique algarve solar

A grid tied system that benefits from a 5kW hybrid system. 10.8kW of Lithium battery backup energy.

Portimão 14kW

solar panel portimao

Off grid 14kW solar system consisting of 2 hybrid inverters, 24 solar panels and 25kW lithium battery backup.

Loule 7.2kW

algarve off grid algarve offgrid solar algarve

Loulé 7.2kW off grid solar system with 20kW lithium battery backup.

25kW pylontech battery backup, 14kW inverter & mono solar panels

Rob and the team did an amazing job upgrading my problematic 5kw setup to a 14kw single phase system with lithium battery backup. We are offgrid and can now live in comfort knowing we have more than enough energy for our requirements.

Gary – PortimaoAlgarve, Portugal

5kW Inverter, mono solar panels
and Pylontech lithium batteries

Our new 5kW offgrid system was perfect for our house renovation in the mountains. Rob brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to help us live a greener life and become less reliant of grid power.

ColinMonchique, Algarve

5kW Hybrid off grid solar system with 10kW lithium batteries for backup power

Rob and his knowledgable co-workers installed a wonderful 5kW off-grid solar system. We have 10kW of lithium battery power for night and a generator for the really bad days. The 10 x 500w Monocrystalline solar panels are great!

AnthonyMonchique, Algarve

Why Choose a Solar Off Grid Solution

Should you decide to pursue an off grid lifestyle, remember that a solar system is a long-term investment that should help cut your electricity bills and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Many people install a solar off grid system for other reasons – such as that they want to use greener energy and be less reliant on the National Grid for their energy supply. Which as we all know can be cut off at anytime or price increases.

Independence to a large extent from dynamically and constantly growing energy prices
Increasing the value and attractiveness of property
Renewable and sustainable solar energy that will not be lacking for generations to come
The installation does not interfere with the natural environment

No CO2 emissions or other pollutants

Quiet, non-invasive system operation

Maintenance-free energy production system

High resistance to difficult weather conditions

Very low failure rate

Generate your own energy and become independent from electricity companies

Save up to 70% on your electricity bill thanks to photovoltaic solar panels

Green, sustainable and free energy

Contact Algarve Off Grid

Once you make contact with Algarve Off grid, we will first arrange to meet you on-site and complete a full site-survey. At this initial meeting we would look to understand your expected power and budget requirements, we really look closely at the site and consider the amount of kW (kilowatts) of energy you require.

Every location is different so there isn’t an out-of-the-box solution when designing a solar system. The land, buildings, vegetation and planned inverter/ battery storage all have an important influence on the design and layout of the system. Once we have met and seen the project site, we can then prepare and provide an accurate quotation for the work and our recommended solar system.

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