Aljezur 7.2kW + Batteries


26 May 2022

Project Description

We had the pleasure of working with Tanja on the West coast of the Algarve.

Tanja had been considering an off grid solution for some time.  The team at Algarve Off Grid spent half a day discussing the options of a suitable solar system for Tanja.  Once she was happy with our idea and solution, the project was born.

We recommended a larger single phase hybrid solar system totalling 7.2kW. We also installed a rack of lithium battery backup for night energy usage.

aljezur off grid solar system

Another benefit of investing in solar is the long term outlook. The solar industry is growing rapidly, and the cost of solar technology is falling rapidly. This means that the cost of solar systems is expected to continue decreasing in the future, making solar an even more attractive investment.